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Are Custom Beanies Right for your Business?

By Pete Apo

Are you looking for a way to stay on your customer’s minds? Custom beanies can do exactly that. They are great options for gift swag, merchandise, and prizes. Capitalize on the timeless accessory to bring eyes to your business. 

Beanie Styles

Beanies come in all shapes, sizes, and usage cases. The classic design choices are:

  • Cuffed
  • Cuffless (skull cap)
  • Slouch
  • Specialized

Selecting A Beanie Style

Deciding which option is best for your business depends on your target demographic. For example, fisherman beanies are currently popular with youth and young adults. A patch with a well-designed graphic would likely encourage that demographic to sport your custom beanie more often. There are even ways to pinpoint your target market further; popular colors, patch size, etc.

Cuffed Beanies

Recognized by most people, the cuffed beanie is a true classic. Depending on design elements and sizing, cuffed beanies can be gender-neutral or masculine and feminine. A fan favorite is the Carhartt cuff beanie. Cuffed custom beanies include sub-styles such as the fisherman beanie, the small cuff, the large cuff, and pom beanies. Cuffed beanies are ideal for larger patches and embroidery.

Cuffless Beanies

Traditionally made with lighter fabrics, cuffless beanies are great for most months of the year. They also sport a tighter directional fit. It is a popular profile for runners and those looking for a snug fit under helmets—a set-it-and-forget-it kind of beanie. A trendy option is the North Face Denali Beanie. Cuffless beanies are best used for smaller printed company names or a full-coverage logo.

Slouch Beanies

Known for its take over in popular culture in the mid-2,000s, the cuffed beanie is still a mainstay. Most retailers offer a slouch beanie option. Slouch beanies provide an excellent surface for embroidered logos. Like the cuffed beanie, slouch beanies are popular with younger demographics.

Specialized Beanies

Visors, earflaps, fire-resistant material, and balaclavas are all examples of beanies with a more focused use. Depending on the service your business is working in, it may be better to find a specialized option. Using branded balaclavas for ski companies is an example of this. Working with a professional to choose the right specialized beanie can save time and money.

Picking The Right Beanie

Ultimately, the right custom beanies for your business comes down to who you want to attract, who you want to leave an impression on, and where your business is located. Places like the PNW have a beanie season of around seven months, making beanies a great option. For areas with a much smaller window, it may be better to choose a custom hat or visor. 

Here is the step-by-step process

  • Decide if you are in a good place for beanies
  • Find your target demographic
  • Research trends
  • Pick your company logo or graphic
  • Contact your local custom printing shop
  • Create your custom beanie
  • Start selling or giving away your new beanie!

Time to find the right beanie for your business.

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