5 Reasons to get Custom Company Shirts

By Pete Apo

History suggests that workwear dates back to the middle ages when tradespeople would wear a patch or sigil denoting their craft or aligning themselves with a specific employer. Society has come a long way since then, but branded t-shirts and workwear are still popular options with businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re part of a corporate giant or you run a mom-and-pop landscape business, you and your employees must look the part. But how can a simple shirt help your company? Read on to learn 5 reasons to get custom company shirts with your logo.

Company Shirts Promote Your Brand or Service

Shirts that depict your company’s logo are a great way to represent your company and are a fantastic marketing tool. Even something as simple as a discretely embroidered logo can significantly impact brand awareness and the perception of the professionalism of your company. A logo on your apparel makes your company easily recognizable and sets you apart from your competition.

Unifies Your Team

When you and your team wear your company’s emblem, it promotes a sense of unity and equality. Employees who see their superiors wearing the same uniform tend to form a stronger team mentality and reinforce their value as team members. Employees are also reminded of the importance of teamwork and striving together toward a common goal.

Exhibit a Sense of Trustworthiness

In a world with so many companies providing similar services, sometimes it’s hard to determine what companies offer quality options. Luckily a custom company shirt can help make your organization recognized as a reputable and trustworthy brand. Clients may forget your slogan or tagline; however, they’re more likely to remember your logo and call upon your company for future services.

Promotes Employee Accountability

While employees are wearing their company shirts, they will likely feel more accountable for their actions as they affect the organization. Adding a logo on your company shirt will help foster professionalism and loyalty from your employees. It also encourages the employee to be conscious of their outward appearance and conduct.

Company Shirts Make Your Organization Unique

As a business owner standing out from your competition is incredibly important. Company shirts are highly customizable and can include a vast selection of colors, a variety of logos, graphic applications, and a multitude of styles. Picking the shirt that’s right for your company can help your customers easily recognize your organization and cultivate loyalty among your clients.

Get Custom Company Shirts on Demand

If you’re thinking about creating company shirts of your own, make sure your crew has the apparel they need to truly be part of a team. Impact Northwest provides custom embroidered, screen-pressed, or heat-pressed shirts for teams of all sizes. Designing your team shirts takes just minutes. Get started now or contact us for more information.

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Pete Apo

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