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What Type of Crewneck Sweatshirt To Pick For Custom Printing

By Pete Apo

Sweatshirts are a common form of custom merch. The crewneck sweatshirt is no exception. Made for durability and comfortable fit, they offer simple yet versatile options. When ordering your custom garments, it’s essential to know what fabric will best suit the design while keeping the desired look and feel of the product you’re trying to produce. Here are some tips for choosing the suitable crewneck sweatshirt for your custom printing.

How It All Began

The crewneck sweatshirt was introduced in 1913 and has been an essential piece of clothing ever since. The navy created them as a long sleeve counterpart to the short-sleeved t-shirt that military personnel had been wearing with the purpose of warmth and covering chest hair. Over time they have evolved into what we wear now. In 1920, when new trends began developing across America, this style gained popularity leading to widespread adoption and unique adaptations.

Benefits of the Crewneck Sweatshirt

The crewneck sweatshirt is a well-rounded product that covers many benefits. Some include;

  • Durability: Built for long life and heavy use, crewnecks can come in heavy-weight materials to mitigate damage while working or doing physical activities. The triangle at the neckline is used as a second reinforcement point on the neckline.
  • Comfort: When making custom merch, comfort is a factor to think about heavily. You want your wearer to never want to take off their crewneck.
  • Versatility: Whether worn alone, with a button-up, layered under, or over clothing, it still looks good. This ties back to keeping people wearing the merch all the time.
  • Sizing, fit, and Color options: If you have a dream crewneck, you can most likely find it. The base for custom merch is almost endless. If having a wide selection is important, consider going with a crewneck.

Picking The Right One For Your Project

Now that you’re on the path of knowing everything about crewneck sweatshirts, it’s time for the nitty-gritty part – Picking the right one for your needs. 

  1. Fabric
  2. Weight
  3. Stitching
  4. Brand
  5. Color
  6. Pricepoint

Starting with the fabric choice. Options include polyester, cotton, fleece, and sometimes nylon. While cotton and polyester are the most commonly used fabrics, blends are also available. Nylon can be used to add protection to the elbows and shoulders. In some cases, full nylon crewnecks are made, but more often than not, nylon is used to create a variation of the crewneck called a “wind shirt.”

Weight choices come in options such as lightweight, medium-weight, or heavy-weight. Before choosing what option to choose, consider your demographic and the area’s weather. For example, if you have a sports team in a temperate climate, you need breathability and strength; Medium-weight would be a great fit. Easy to wear at any time and resistant to easy tears.

Stitching places a role in keeping the whole thing together. There are single, double, and triple. Triple stitching is the most durable due to the stitching going forward, backward, and forwards. Sports garments are a prime example of when to use triple stitching.

Brand and color can be lumped together with pricepoint in most cases. Sometimes features may be forfeited for color, pricing, or brand preference. Reliable brands like Carhartt and Gilden are frequently used. Carhartt makes a stellar heavy-weight crewneck sweatshirt but runs at a higher price point with fewer color options. On the other hand, Gilden checks off a wide color range, multiple weights, and a more affordable price point. 

Custom Printing

With your knowledge of the crewneck sweatshirt, it is time to make an informed decision on printing. A quick road map for this process is

Get your graphic assets together
Pick the desired fit and weight
Find a brand that matches your wants and needs
Decide on production number, color options, and size run
Contact your local Custom Print shop and communicate your needs
Pick your shop and wait for the good stuff to happen.

Order Custom Shirts, Uniforms, and Accessories in Minutes

If you’re planning to design your own custom apparel Impact Northwest has everything you need. Impact Northwest provides custom embroidered, screen pressed, or heat pressed shirts for teams of all sizes. Designing your crewneck sweatshirts takes just minutes. Get started now or contact us for more information.

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