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Custom Construction Shirts: Small Investment with Big Return

By Pete Apo

Construction is a competitive industry. To stand out from the pack it’s smart to outfit your crew in custom construction shirts. But that’s not the only benefit of custom shirts for your crew. Read on for six benefits of providing your crew with custom construction shirts.

1. Custom Construction Shirts Help You to Project Professional Image 

Everyone must start somewhere, but optics matter even for small construction crews. Whether you’ve got hundreds of employees, or you’re just beginning to build your business, construction shirts promote a professional image and may help your burgeoning business to appear bigger and more experienced.  This can help instill trust and project professionalism.

2. Custom Shirts Increase Brand Visibility

People who walk by or drive by a construction site will see your crew in custom shirts. However, that’s not the only audience you can reach with custom construction shirts. When your crew breaks for lunch or stops for dinner after work, they’ll be advertising your business to everyone around them. This helps to build brand recognition, of not only your company name but the services you provide. You may even find that you’re attracting new clients thanks to team members wearing their work shirts on breaks and after hours.

3. Promoting Team Unity 

Unity and camaraderie are the earmarks of a strong, capable team.  Branded shirts reinforce this team mentality, just as jerseys announce teams in sports. When your crew is working as a well-oiled machine, the project is liable to proceed on time, and with fewer problems or delays.  

4. Improving Safety on Construction Sites

Custom shirts for your construction team are often made in bright fluorescent colors, which helps with visibility on dangerous sites. Likewise, reflective elements can help to prevent workplace injuries early in the morning or after the sun sets.  Moreover, employees can be easily identified by supervisors, even from a distance, thanks to a familiar shirt.  

5. Team Shirts Can Help Construction Companies with Compliance

All states are a bit different, but some require construction team members to wear specific high-visibility garments with reflective printing when working on various sites. The construction industry is unfortunately plagued with frequent workplace accidents, so uniforms along with personal protective equipment (PPE), may also be required by law. 

6. Shirts for Construction Crews are Affordable

Construction shirts for your team are a low-cost, but high-return investment that helps promote your business, bolster unity, and advertise your services. Few other business investments can offer as much potential for growing your business, for such a low price. 

Premium Quality Custom Shirts for Your Construction Team

Custom shirts offer a multitude of advantages for construction companies, including bolstering brand visibility and conveying professionalism to promoting team unity and even earning referral business. By investing in customized apparel, construction companies can elevate their brand image, and ultimately thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. 

Get a Quote for Custom Apparel for Your Construction Crew

Impact Northwest provides full-color printing, high-visibility garments, and reflective printing. Construction apparel includes tee shirts, rain jackets, hats, golf shirts, work jackets, work pants, safety apparel, and more.  Contact us today or request a free quote.

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