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Make Your Crew Cohesive with Custom Team Shirts

By Pete Apo

Professional sports teams, including baseball teams, astutely recognized the many benefits of having matching uniforms as early as 1849. Basketball teams followed suit in the early 1900s. So what drove teams to begin dressing alike? And what benefits do custom shirts offer today? Read on to learn how and why team shirts are a great way to promote cohesion among your crew.

Team Shirts Show Unity

Team shirts signify unity. Competitors, spectators, and passersby will immediately recognize that you’re a unified crew. On an individual level, wearing a uniform that matches your teammates or colleagues creates a sense of belonging. Even if you’re not particularly close with other team members, matching gear will reinforce your position as a valuable member of a crew.

Helps Identify Teammates

Matching shirts also make it easy to find your teammates on the athletic field or your colleagues at an event. Being able to recognize those on your team immediately helps you to compete at a higher level. For spectators, uniforms are, more often than not, essential. Identical shirts are particularly crucial in sports such as basketball, football, and soccer, where players from opposing teams intermingle.

Families who opt for custom screen printed shirts to wear during travels can also use matching shirts to locate one another quickly.

Encourages Teamwork

When your crew wears a special uniform, it reminds them of the importance of teamwork. In today’s increasingly isolated world, matching shirts for your crew can be a fantastic way to remind individuals that sometimes it takes a whole team to accomplish goals.

Promotes Equality

Identical shirts help promote equality. From little league teams to the MLB, each player wearing the shirt presents to the outside world as a valuable member. In this way, team shirts can help boost self-esteem for athletes of all ages who may not get as much time in the game or may not get to play the coveted position.

Provides a Useful Keepsake

Custom shirts also serve as a practical keepsake that may stir up beautiful memories whenever you wear them. For example, shirts printed for bachelorette parties may evoke outrageous memories of a wild weekend. Shirts made for family reunions remind you that you belong every time you wear them.

Don't Forget Team Shirts for Work Crews

Work teams can also benefit from custom shirts. Whether you have a crew who will be participating in a local golf tournament, a run or walk for charity, or you’ve decided to help clean up a park, beach, or neighborhood, team shirts are a terrific way to unify work crews. Shirts customized with your business name or logo also give your business a PR boost. After all, residents of a community benefitting from your team helping will know which company is on the ground making the community a better place.

Order Custom Shirts, Uniforms, and Accessories in Minutes

If you’re planning a trip, a party commemorating a milestone, or a sports competition, be sure all players and attendees feel like they belong. Impact Northwest provides custom embroidered, screen pressed, or heat pressed shirts for teams of all sizes. Designing your team shirts takes just minutes. Get started now or contact us for more information.

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